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 Professional photographs courtesy of Jill Flynn Photography.  Thank you Jill!


       Our Mission Statement: to significantly impact animal overpopulation through aggressive

programs focusing on rescue, spay and neuter, adoptions, and education. 
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Have you adopted a furry friend from Friends for Life?

Click on this link to check out our Adoption Blog - you can read about other adopted dogs and cats, and post your own story!  We love to hear about how our friends are doing, so we hope you post updates as you go through your life with your furry friends!

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 Click on this link to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter!  This is the best way (besides being a volunteer!) to be kept up to date on all the fun stuff we have going on!  Friends for Life does not share, sell, or give away our email contact list, so you will not be bombarded with junk email, we promise!


 Meet Mork!

Mork is a cutie that came to us from the Yuma Humane Society.  We can't figure out why he hasn't been adopted yet - he's such a fun guy!  Click this link to read all about him!



Meet Dovie!!

Dovie is a sweet older girl who is currently living at the shelter and would love a home of her own again. She tolerates other cats but she really wants all the attention to herself! Dovie is a sweet girl, who likes having your undivided attention. She takes up residence on your lap and, loves to be made-over and talked to, but she'll be content to sit in your lap and bathe. She's a sun-bather, too-give her a wide windowsill and a sunny day and she'll make your house echo with her purrs. Click on this link to see her page!

Join Us For These Upcoming Events!



 We have lots of exciting events coming up so please click here and check out the Events page!  

If You Have To Move....

Friends for Life Animal Rescue asks that if you find yourself in the position where you have to move, please check out the links on this page to find pet-friendly housing so that your best furry friends will not end up at a shelter.  Hopefully you will be able to find a new home that will allow your best four-legged friends to remain with you.

Our Location And Hours

Locate Us!    We are located at 143 W. Vaughn Avenue in Gilbert

Contact Us!  Call (480) 497-8296, or email

Hours of operation at our Adoption Center - FOR DOGS, at 143 W. Vaughn Avenue in Gilbert:

Closed Sunday & Monday      Tuesday: 10AM to 2PM            Wednesday: 3PM to 7PM

Thursday: 3PM to 7PM            Friday: 10AM to 2PM               Saturday: 10AM to 4PM

Hours of operation at our Adoption Center - FOR CATS, at 143 W. Vaughn Avenue in Gilbert:

Sunday 12PM-4PM           Tuesday: 10AM to 2PM, and 6PM-8:30PM           Wednesday: 3PM to 8:30PM

Thursday: 3PM to 8:30PM         Friday: 10AM to 2PM, and 6PM-8:30-PM          Saturday: 10AM to 4PM


Cat and kitten adoptions at Pet Club, located on the southeast corner of Baseline & Gilbert Road in Gilbert:

Sundays 10AM - 5PM

Friends For Life Animal Rescue 143 W. Vaughn Avenue     Gilbert, AZ  85233

Phone: 480-497-8296       Email: