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Capital Campaign - We Can't Do It Alone!

UPDATED 8/8/17

Downtown Gilbert, home of Friends for Life Animal Rescue, is changing! Change is good, right? We know that someone will want our land for expansion – it is only a matter of time! Friends for Life wants to be proactive and be prepared for when that time comes. We love Gilbert and plan to stay in Gilbert!  And guess what?  We have a sign agreement for the purchase of our existing land!  Assuming all goes as planned, we should finalize the sale by June (and will lease back the land until our building is complete).  THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS!!!

We have an architect and commercial general contractor already committed to this endeavor. We will solicit subcontractors with the goal of getting materials donated, or charged to us at cost. We have opened a separate account with our financial institution specifically for this Capital Campaign. We have set a goal of $1.6 million, and as of July 2017 we are down to needing just another $350,000! Now all we need is you!  Unfortunately the building is costing a bit more than we originally anticipated (if only we'd been able to build 2 years ago!).  We have secured a loan for the final $350,000 so the goal is to pay that loan off quickly, vs over 15 years.

As part of this campaign, we are committed to publicly recognizing every contributor of $500 or more who help make our new home a reality. Naming opportunities for larger donations will get highly visible opportunities (dog wing and cat wing are already committed but other opportunities still exist). We will have multiple naming opportunities for all levels of donations also - this is a great opportunity to permanently acknowledge a family member or special furry friend.  Every donation gets us closer to our goal - no donation is too great or too small!

This campaign will be the most significant undertaking for Friends for Life since we acquired our three buildings back in 1996. We would like to invite you to join us on this amazing journey to provide a new facility so that we may continue to offer quality care to the unwanted, abandoned, and neglected animals in our area. We want you to share in our dream of a facility that will allow us to rescue more animals, getting them clean and healthy and one step closer to a forever loving home.

We recently purchased the land for our new home - we will be near Baseline & Stapley in Gilbert, behind the shopping center on the southwest corner!  Our new address will be 952 W Melody Avenue in Gilbert.

Timeline as of August 2017:
Through early August 2017 - plans completed, permitting with the Town of Gilbert, pricing from General Contractor
August 2017 - groundbreaking and start of construction!
January 2018 - building should be done and we hope to be in our new home by the end of January 2018!

For more information about this Capital Campaign, please contact Kathy Dunham at You can click this link to find a PDF version of our Capital Campaign brochure, or click this link to make a donation to Friends for Life to help us get ready for the next 20+ years of rescuing the forgotten ones.