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The national average: Only one in ten animals remains with its adoptive family for life.  That is a staggering and unacceptable statistic. The remaining nine get tossed around through multiple homes, taken to the pound, lost, or worse.  This terrible statistic is largely due to uninformed decisions, such as choosing a puppy because it is a pretty color, looks like it will be small, or because it looks just like the one on television.   jAnd did you know that only 1 in 5 dogs in homes are adopted from a rescue group?  That's only 20%!  Choose to adopt from your local shelter and let's help raise that number - there are wonderful dogs and cats in shelters, just waiting to meet you!

At Friends for Life we make every effort to place the right animal in the right home. To aid in this goal, we use trained Adoption Counselors to help you select the best match for your lifestyle. When you arrive at our facility, you will meet with an Adoption Counselor before you meet any animals. You and your counselor will discuss your lifestyle, activity level, expectations, likes/dislikes, and past experiences with animals

Some administrative details.......

Adoption Fees:
        Adult Dogs are $150 and up
        Puppies are $190 and up
        Adult cats are $85 and up
        Kittens are $95 and up
Adoption fees for senior animals or harder-to-place animals are often lower (which does NOT lower their value!)

Adoption fees may vary per animal.  Adoption fees for purebred or high-demand animals will usually be higher.


Every animal is spayed or neutered and microchipped!  All dogs are licensed with Maricopa County in accordance with county law.

All of our Cats and Dogs are vaccinated* and microchipped with the HOME AGAIN ™ microchip.
Cats are vaccinated*, tested for Leukemia and FIV**, and microchipped with the HOME AGAIN ™ microchip.

*Vaccinations vary depending on age and other factors. You will receive a vaccination history of your new animal friend. All dogs over 4 months of age are vaccinated for Rabies as required by law. All dogs will receive the DHPP, DHPP-C, DHLPP, or DHLPP-C vaccines. Most cats receive the Rabies, Leukemia, and FVRCP vaccines. Your adoption consultant will explain your new friend's vaccination history.

**Adult cats are tested for both Leukemia and FIV. Cats under six months of age are tested for Leukemia only.

Return Policy:

Friends for Life has made a life-time commitment to every animal we rescue. Every animal adopted from us remains a part of our family and they may return to us at any time, for any reason.

Is my new animal friend guaranteed healthy? No one can predict when an animal will get sick. Generally, only animals that appear healthy and that appear free of any symptoms are shown for adoption. We do have some special needs animals that are available for adoption and any known temporary or permanent ailments or conditions will be fully disclosed.

Each cat and dog has a "microchip". What is that? A microchip is a tiny implant placed under the skin between the shoulder blades. The implant is about the size of a grain of rice and neither you nor the dog can feel it. Animal shelters and veterinarians have special readers that can detect microchip information which assists in locating the animal's owner. A microchip is a permanent method of identification and if your dog or cat gets lost, it could be their last chance for getting home.

And finally.......

We strongly encourage your entire household to visit our shelter. It is best to have each and every family member visit with and agree upon your new animal friend. It is also important for your new animal friend to have a chance to meet the entire prospective family.  Please select a time to visit us when everyone can come.

Please leave any current pets at home.  If you currently have a dog in your home and find a dog you wish to adopt, we will ask that you return with your dog to do an introduction to make sure your current dog and new dog get along!  Please do not bring any dogs you currently have because you will not be able to take them back to our kennels to meet our dogs. It is important that your dog be involved in selecting his or her new best friend and when the time is right we will do a proper introduction! If you are coming to view cats...please leave all current pets at home.

To ask questions about a specific animal up for adoption, please fill out our online consultation form using the links below. Once completed and submitted, your information will stay in our database for just 2 weeks so hurry into our shelter and let your Adoption Counselor know that you have completed the online form.  If you have not visited the shelter to inquire about a dog or cat within that 2 week period, your information will be deleted. 

Dog Consultation Form

Cat Consultation Form